A list of credentials to log into different Bulletin Boards once you've dialed in. Provided by telnetbbsguide.com

BBS Name BBS Username/Password
0day BBS 0day
0xDECAFBAD 0xdecafbad
13th Floor BBS 13thfloor
13th Leader BBS 13thleader
20 For Beers BBS 20forbeers
300 F-ing Baud BBS 300fingbaud
32-Bit BBS 32bit
64 Vintage BBS 64vintage
68K Time Machine BBS 68ktimemachine
69 Megabytes 69megabytes
79 Columns 79columns
8-Bit Archive 8bitarchive
8-Bit Boyz BBS 8bitboyz
8-Bit Playground 8bitplayground
8Bit Saturday Night 8bitsaturdaynight
8bit.geek BBS 8bit.geek
Abacus BBS abacus
Absinthe BBS absinthe
Abyss BBS abyss
Ace of Spades BBS aceofspades
Acid Underworld (Mystic) acidunderworldmystic
Acid Underworld (Searchlight) acidunderworldsearchlight
Addicts Corner addictscorner
Adept BBS TWGS adepttwgs
Adept Online Entertainment (WG) adeptonlineentertainmentwg
Aerodrome aerodrome
After Hours BBS afterhours
Aftershock BBS aftershock
Agency BBS agency
Al's Geek Lab BBS alsgeeklab
AlcaBBS alca
Alcatraz BBS alcatraz
Alcoholiday (Renegade) alcoholidayrenegade
Alcoholiday BBS (Mystic) alcoholidaymystic
Aleco Experience BBS alecoexperience
Alien Mindbenders BBS alienmindbenders
Aliens' Alcove! aliensalcove!
Alltsk alltsk
Alpha Centauri BBS alphacentauri
Alphachron BBS alphachron
AlSayr alsayr
Altair IV BBS altairiv
Altar of Wares altarofwares
Amiga CBM BBS amigacbm
Amiga City amigacity
Amiga Retro Brisbane BBS amigaretrobrisbane
Amiga Underground amigaunderground
Amiga Underground TWGS amigaundergroundtwgs
Amis XE amisxe
An's BBS ans
Analog Waffle analogwaffle
Anarchy BBS anarchy
Anarchy Underground anarchyunderground
Android City androidcity
Animation Game Station (Animeyo) animationgamestationanimeyo
Another Droid BBS anotherdroid
Another Wildcat BBS anotherwildcat
ANSITex ansitex
Antidote antidote
AoK BBS aok
Arcadia BBS arcadia
Archaic Binary archaicbinary
Archeology of Hacking archeologyofhacking
ArcticZone Online Entertainment arcticzoneonlineentertainment
ARDA-BBS.com arda.com
Area 52 area52
ARTNET artnet
AT2K Design BBS at2kdesign
Atavachron BBS atavachron
Athelstan BBS athelstan
Atlantic Data Images atlanticdataimages
Atlantis BBS atlantis
Atmosphere BBS (NTU) atmospherentu
Auntie Bodies BBS auntiebodies
Avalon Isle BBS avalonisle
Avl-Sys avlsys
Ayashii Channel BBS ayashiichannel
BabzWorld babzworld
Back to the Future backtothefuture
Backwood Realm BBS backwoodrealm
Bad Poetry Blues BBS badpoetryblues
Baffa BBS baffa
Bahamut BBS bahamut
Banana Bender BBS bananabender
Bart Stop BBS bartstop
Barter Board barterboard
Basement BBS (1) basement1
Basement BBS (2) basement2
Basement Theory basementtheory
Bat Cave batcave
Battlestar Atlantis battlestaratlantis
Battlestar BBS battlestar
Battlestar Pegasus battlestarpegasus
Bayou BBS bayou
BBS Development development
BBS GameTime gametime
BBS Is Cool iscool
BBS Retroacademy retroacademy
BBS Tournament Wordle tournamentwordle
BBS.00stack.in .00stack.in
BBS.JasonWalker.ca .jasonwalker.ca
BBS.Telearena.us .telearena.us
BBShantico hantico
BBSing 3.0 BBS ing3.0
BC Factor BBS bcfactor
BCG-Box bcgbox
BCR Games Server bcrgamesserver
Bear's Den bearsden
BearForceOne BBS bearforceone
Bedrock BBS bedrock
BEER-ISAC BBS beerisac
Beggar's Canyon beggarscanyon
Beiyou Forum beiyouforum
BeOS & Haiku City beos&haikucity
Bermuda Triangle bermudatriangle
Big Beautiful System bigbeautifulsystem
Big Rabbit BBS bigrabbit
Big Red BBS bigred
Big Time BBS bigtime
Big5 BBS big5
Bikerbob's Clubhouse bikerbobsclubhouse
Bitbrain BBS bitbrain
Bits & Bytes BBS bits&bytes
Bitwoods RBBS-PC bitwoodsrpc
Black Flag BBS (Mystic) blackflagmystic
Black Flag BBS (PCBoard) blackflagpcboard
Black House BBS blackhouse
Black Rifle BBS blackrifle
Black Tower BBS blacktower
Blackboard BBS blackboard
Blackfair's Manor (Synchronet) blackfairsmanorsynchronet
Blackfair's Manor (TWGS) blackfairsmanortwgs
Blackhole's BBS blackholes
BlackICE blackice
Blacklight Underground blacklightunderground
Blood BBS blood
Blood Stone bloodstone
BlueWave BBS bluewave
Boar's Head Tavern boarsheadtavern
BodaX BBS bodax
BOFHNet bofhnet
BoobTube boobtube
Boot Factory 2K bootfactory2k
Borderline BBS borderline
Bottomless Abyss BBS bottomlessabyss
Brain Storm BBS brainstorm
BrainToys BBS braintoys
Brazi.net brazi.net
Brett Bender BBS brettbender
Brewery BBS brewery
Brian's Blog TWGS briansblogtwgs
Brokedown Palace BBS brokedownpalace
Broken Bubble BBS brokenbubble
Buces buces
Bucko's Den BBS buckosden
Bullseye Shareware bullseyeshareware
Bumgun Club BBS bumgunclub
Butterfly BBS butterfly
ByteBarn BBS bytebarn
Cannerduh cannerduh
Capital Station BBS capitalstation
Capitol City Online BBS capitolcityonline
Capitol Shrill BBS capitolshrill
Captain's Quarters BBS & AE Line captainsquarters&aeline
Captain's Quarters II captainsquartersii
Carnage! carnage!
Carnifexian Utopia TWGS carnifexianutopiatwgs
CarrierSync II BBS carriersyncii
Castle BBS castle
Castle Rock BBS (2) castlerock2
Castle Rock BBS (3) castlerock3
Catch 22 BBS (Daydream) catch22daydream
Catch 22 BBS (Impulse) catch22impulse
Catch 22 BBS (Iniquity) catch22iniquity
Catch 22 BBS (Renegade) catch22renegade
Catpit BBS catpit
Cavan Rural Community Wireless Network cavanruralcommunitywirelessnetwork
Cave BBS cave
CB2 Micro BBS cb2micro
CBBS/NV c/nv
CedarValley BBS cedarvalley
CedarValley's Arcade cedarvalleysarcade
Centermass Solutions centermasssolutions
Chaotic Bliss chaoticbliss
Chelny chelny
Choice Core BBS (1st) choicecore1st
Choice Core BBS (2nd) choicecore2nd
Choice Core BBS (6th) choicecore6th
Chookfest BBS chookfest
Christian Fellowship christianfellowship
Church of the Fossil churchofthefossil
CIA Amiga BBS ciaamiga
Citadel 64 BBS citadel64
Cittadella BBS cittadella
City on the Edge of Forever cityontheedgeofforever
CJ's Place cjsplace
ClassicMUD classicmud
Clube da Insonia BBS clubedainsonia
Clutch BBS clutch
Code Red BBS codered
Cold Fusion BBS coldfusion
Collective BBS collective
Colossus BBS colossus
Commodore Image commodoreimage
Commodore Image 2 commodoreimage2
Commodore Image 3 commodoreimage3
Comms Nuts BBS commsnuts
Compufuck BBS compufuck
CompuRon BBS compuron
Computer Connection computerconnection
Computer Express computerexpress
ConstructiveChaos BBS constructivechaos
ConstructiveChaos TWGS constructivechaostwgs
Convolution BBS convolution
Cool Blue BBS coolblue
Cool David cooldavid
Cooper Heavy Industries TWGS cooperheavyindustriestwgs
Cottonwood BBS cottonwood
Crack In Time BBS crackintime
Craem BBS craem
Crappie Cracker Online crappiecrackeronline
Crazy Eric's BBS crazyerics
Crazy Paradise crazyparadise
CrNet BBS crnet
Cruncher`s TWGS cruncher`stwgs
Crystal Palace crystalpalace
Cult of James BBS cultofjames
Cult of the Shaky Shell cultoftheshakyshell
CW Shack BBS cwshack
CyberDawg BBS cyberdawg
Cyberia BBS cyberia
Cyberwanderers BBS cyberwanderers
D0P3 BBS d0p3
Dancing with South dancingwithsouth
Danger Bay BBS dangerbay
Dank Domain: The Return of Hack & Slash dankdomain:thereturnofhack&slash
Dark Endless darkendless
Dark Realms darkrealms
Dark Systems BBS darksystems
Darkages BBS darkages
DarkForce! BBS darkforce!
Darklevel darklevel
DarkMatter's TWGS darkmatterstwgs
Darkwood BBS darkwood
Datanet BBS datanet
DatenBahn BBS datenbahn
Dave's BBS daves
DavidDGTNT BBS daviddgtnt
Dawn of Demise (1) dawnofdemise1
Dawn of Demise (2) dawnofdemise2
Dead Zone BBS deadzone
Deadbeatz BBS deadbeatz
Deadline BBS deadline
Death Gate BBS deathgate
Death Row BBS deathrow
Decker's Heaven deckersheaven
DeepSkies BBS deepskies
Delta City BBS deltacity
Demigoth BBS demigoth
Demonsnet BBS demonsnet
Den Of Iniquity denofiniquity
Desert Rats Sanctuary (Synchronet) desertratssanctuarysynchronet
Desert Rats Sanctuary (TWGS) desertratssanctuarytwgs
Devilsaur Nest devilsaurnest
DHXY dhxy
Diamond Mine Online (Synchronet) diamondmineonlinesynchronet
Diamond Mine Online (WWIV) diamondmineonlinewwiv
Digicom BBS digicom
Digital Distortion digitaldistortion
Digital Lethargia BBS digitallethargia
Digital Rainbow digitalrainbow
Digital Realms BBS digitalrealms
Digital Shelter digitalshelter
Digital-X DHQ digitalxdhq
DigitalDial-Sta#1 digitaldialsta#1
Dime BBS dime
Disboardia disboardia
Disconnected by Peer BBS disconnectedbypeer
Diskbox ][ diskbox
Diskhoppers Palace BBS diskhopperspalace
Distant Empires BBS distantempires
Distortion distortion
DJ's Place djsplace
Doc's Place Online docsplaceonline
Dock Sud docksud
Dogtown BBS dogtown
Donghua Univ. Oriental Town donghuauniv.orientaltown
Dovenet Moderation Hub dovenetmoderationhub
DoveOnly BBS doveonly
DownUnder BBS downunder
DP Flowers dpflowers
Dragon's Lair BBS dragonslair
DragonsWeb Labs BBS dragonsweblabs
Drakeboy TWGS drakeboytwgs
Dream Garden dreamgarden
Dream Land BBS dreamland
Dreamland BBS dreamland
Dreamline BBS dreamline
Dropzone BBS dropzone
Dura-Europos duraeuropos
Dynamite BBS dynamite
Dyslexic Donkey dyslexicdonkey
Eagle's Dare BBS eaglesdare
Eagle's Nest 89 eaglesnest89
Eaglewing BBS eaglewing
Earthday BBS earthday
Echo Base BBS (1) echobase1
Echo Base BBS (2) echobase2
Efectolinux efectolinux
Electronic Chicken BBS electronicchicken
Elevator BBS elevator
Emerald Hill BBS emeraldhill
Empire of the Dragon BBS empireofthedragon
Enchanted BBS enchanted
End Of The Line BBS endoftheline
Enigma Echo enigmaecho
Enterprise BBS enterprise
Eona BBS eona
EquestriNET equestrinet
ERICADE Network ericadenetwork
Error 200 Tech BBS error200tech
Error 404 (TWGS) error404twgs
Error 404 BBS File Server error404fileserver
Error 404 BBS Phone Book error404phonebook
Eternal Domain BBS eternaldomain
Ethernet Gateway ethernetgateway
Exoplanet BBS exoplanet
Extreme BBS extreme
Extricate BBS extricate
Eye of the Beholder eyeofthebeholder
Fading Black fadingblack
Faith Collapsing BBS faithcollapsing
Falken BBS falken
Family BBS family
Fatcats BBS fatcats
Fazuul fazuul
FDD1 fdd1
FengLin BBS fenglin
File Bank BBS filebank
File Cabinet BBS (Synchronet) filecabinetsynchronet
File Cabinet BBS (Worldgroup) filecabinetworldgroup
Files 4 Fun BBS files4fun
Final Zone BBS finalzone
Fireball Express (Mystic) fireballexpressmystic
Fireball Express (VADV) fireballexpressvadv
Fireball Express BBS (WWIV) fireballexpresswwiv
First Division BBS firstdivision
Flame Net BBS flamenet
FlipperZero BBS flipperzero
FlupH BBS fluph
Fluxpod Info Service fluxpodinfoservice
Fone Company (Color 64) fonecompanycolor64
Fone Company (Supra 128) fonecompanysupra128
Fool's Quarter BBS foolsquarter
Forem XE BBS foremxe
Forze BBS forze
Foxxz.net TWGS foxxz.nettwgs
Free Corner freecorner
Freedom BBS freedom
Freeside BBS freeside
Freeway BBS freeway
Fria Bad BBS friabad
Frozen Floppy BBS frozenfloppy
Frugal Computing BBS frugalcomputing
fTelnet Demo Server ftelnetdemoserver
Funtopia BBS funtopia
FurBBS fur
Fusion BBS fusion
Futt's BBS futts
Future Systems futuresystems
Future World II futureworldii
Galactic Struggles TWGS galacticstrugglestwgs
Gamenet BBS Network gamenetnetwork
Gargoyle's BBS gargoyles
Gate BBS (Synchronet) gatesynchronet
Gate BBS (WWIV) gatewwiv
Generation III Pot-D generationiiipotd
Global Chaos BBS globalchaos
Global Village BBS globalvillage
Goodwin BBS goodwin
Goosenet BBS goosenet
Greywolf's Den greywolfsden
Gridlock BBS gridlock
Grimoire BBS grimoire
Ground Control BBS groundcontrol
Ground Zero BBS groundzero
Grupo Commodore Argentina grupocommodoreargentina
Gsnitch's BBS gsnitchs
Guardian of Forever guardianofforever
Guido's BBS guidos
Guru BBS guru
Haciend El Bananas haciendelbananas
Hagar's Helpline hagarshelpline
Halls of Valhalla BBS hallsofvalhalla
Happyland happyland
Hard Drive Cafe harddrivecafe
Hated Reality hatedreality
Haunted Castle BBS hauntedcastle
Hawaii BBS Atari 8 Bit hawaiiatari8bit
Haxor's Palace (1) haxorspalace1
Haxor's Palace (2) haxorspalace2
Heatwave heatwave
Heights BBS heights
Heisenberg's Hideout heisenbergshideout
Herbies BBS herbies
Herbies BBS II herbiesii
Hex 4's BBS hex4s
Hidden BBS hidden
Hidden Paradise hiddenparadise
Hidden Paradise II hiddenparadiseii
High Desert BBS highdesert
HispaMSX BBS hispamsx
Hobbit Empire hobbitempire
Hobbit Station BBS hobbitstation
Hobby Line! BBS hobbyline!
Hold Fast BBS holdfast
Hologram Computing BBS hologramcomputing
Horizon BBS horizon
House of Baud houseofbaud
Huanian Xiaoji huanianxiaoji
HyNET BBS hynet
Hypernode hypernode
Ice Castle BBS icecastle
Ignition BBS ignition
Ilefinian Castle ilefiniancastle
Immortal's Domain immortalsdomain
Imzadi Box imzadibox
Inara BBS inara
Infonet BBS infonet
Ink Two inktwo
Inland Utopia inlandutopia
Inner Core innercore
Insane Asylum BBS insaneasylum
Integrated Telecommunications Centre integratedtelecommunicationscentre
Internal Dimension internaldimension
Internetking's TradeWars 2002 Server internetkingstradewars2002server
Interzone interzone
Iowa Student Assc. BBS (ISCA) iowastudentassc.isca
IPAbbs ipabbs
IPTIA BBS (Synchronet) iptiasynchronet
ISIS Unveiled isisunveiled
ITBnet BBS itbnet
Jason Han's BBS jasonhans
Joe's Computer BBS joescomputer
Jolly Roger BBS jollyroger
Juicy HQ juicyhq
JumpStart BBS jumpstart
Jumpstart TWGS jumpstarttwgs
Jungle BBS (1) jungle1
Jungle BBS (2) jungle2
Just Another BBS justanother
KANSIT WHQ BBS kansitwhq
Kats Alley katsalley
Kavaldavad's BBS kavaldavads
KD3net kd3net
KD8ZRL Net Underground kd8zrlnetunderground
Kenlinux BBS kenlinux
KF5QEO's Shack BBS kf5qeosshack
Kick The Rabbit (PTT #2) kicktherabbitptt#2
Kilobyte kilobyte
Kirika BBS kirika
Kiwimates kiwimates
Kludge kludge
Knoxville Regenerative Co-Op knoxvilleregenerativecoop
Kuehlbox kuehlbox
La Baya labaya
Landover BBS landover
Last Rangers' BBS lastrangers
Lean Angle BBS leanangle
Lee Magazine leemagazine
Legends of Yesteryear legendsofyesteryear
Leisure Time BBS leisuretime
Leisure Time BBS II leisuretimeii
Level 29 level29
Lexicon BBS lexicon
LIABnet BBS liabnet
Liane BBS liane
Lilac Community BBS lilaccommunity
Line Noise BBS linenoise
Link's BBS links
Liquid Digital liquiddigital
Lofi.ooo lofi.ooo
Logic Zero BBS logiczero
Loonie Bin BBS looniebin
Lord.stabs.org lord.stabs.org
Lost Caverns BBS lostcaverns
Lost Chord BBS lostchord
Lost Gonzo BBS lostgonzo
Lost Gonzo SQGS lostgonzosqgs
Lost Underground lostunderground
Lost Worlds BBS lostworlds
Lostways BBS lostways
LU8FJH BBS lu8fjh
LU8FJH Image BBS lu8fjhimage
Lunar Mod lunarmod
Lunatics Unleashed BBS lunaticsunleashed
M. Station m.station
Made To Raid madetoraid
MadWorld BBS madworld
Maelstrm's BBS maelstrms
Magicians Realm TWGS magiciansrealmtwgs
Magnum BBS magnum
Mahoney-Clan TWGS mahoneyclantwgs
Major BBS GameTime majorgametime
MajorBBS V10 Alpha Site majorv10alphasite
Malevolence malevolence
Maniac Zone maniaczone
Manic Modem BBS manicmodem
Mark Van Daele's TWGS markvandaelestwgs
MartyLake Club martylakeclub
Massive BBS massive
Master Boot Record masterbootrecord
Mbpeikert BBS mbpeikert
Mentzer's Manor mentzersmanor
Metal Zone metalzone
Metro Olografix metroolografix
Meuw BBS meuw
Michael Sennett's TWGS michaelsennettstwgs
MicroBlaster TWGS microblastertwgs
Micropolis BBS micropolis
Midnight Lounge midnightlounge
Military World militaryworld
Mimac Rebirth mimacrebirth
Ministry of Silly MUDs BBS ministryofsillymuds
Miskatonic BBS miskatonic
Missing Links missinglinks
Miya Net miyanet
Mizuki Community (Newsmth BBS) mizukicommunitynewsmth
Mmud.io mmud.io
Modernes BBS modernes
Moe's Tavern moestavern
Mojo's World BBS mojosworld
Momia BBS momia
Mondstadt mondstadt
Monochrome monochrome
Monterey BBS monterey
Moon Base Alpha (TWGS) moonbasealphatwgs
Morale BBS morale
Moratahack moratahack
Mousenet mousenet
Mozy's Swamp and Red Dwarf BBS mozysswampandreddwarf
Mozy's Swamp and Red Dwarf TWGS mozysswampandreddwarftwgs
MS-Bob BBS msbob
MtlGeek mtlgeek
MtlGeek (TWGS) mtlgeektwgs
Mudders Paradise muddersparadise
Muinet muinet
Music Station musicstation
Mutiny BBS mutiny
Mutiny Community mutinycommunity
My NONAME MajorBBS mynonamemajor
Mysmth BBS mysmth
Mysteria Majicka BBS mysteriamajicka
Mysterious Journey mysteriousjourney
Mystic BBS Alpha Test System mysticalphatestsystem
Mystic Dog BBS mysticdog
Mystic Hobbies mystichobbies
Mystic Night BBS mysticnight
Mystic PI BBS mysticpi
Mystic Realms mysticrealms
Mystic Rhythms BBS mysticrhythms
Mythical Kingdom Tech (2) mythicalkingdomtech2
Mythical Kingdom Tech BBS mythicalkingdomtech
N3HYM Amateur Radio BBS n3hymamateurradio
N4TDX BBS n4tdx
Nanyang Inn nanyanginn
Nanyou Station (Tainan) nanyoustationtainan
NAsoft BBS nasoft
National Taiwan University nationaltaiwanuniversity
Necropolis Online necropolisonline
Neo-Vintage BBS neovintage
NeoNet neonet
Network 23 network23
Never Never Land BBS neverneverland
New World of the Internet newworldoftheinternet
Next Generation Lost nextgenerationlost
Nexus BBS nexus
Nidaros BBS nidaros
Nikom BBS nikom
Nimbus BBS nimbus
Ninjalane Labs BBS ninjalanelabs
Nite Eyes BBS niteeyes
NiteLite BBS nitelite
No Carrier BBS nocarrier
Node Warrior BBS nodewarrior
Noisebridge BBS noisebridge
Non-Existant BBS nonexistant
Normal University People's Commune normaluniversitypeoplescommune
North One Girls Middle School northonegirlsmiddleschool
Nostromo nostromo
Noverdu BBS noverdu
Noverdu TWGS noverdutwgs
NoWhere TWGS nowheretwgs
Nun-Beaters Anonymous TWGS nunbeatersanonymoustwgs
Oasis BBS oasis
Off The Wall offthewall
Oiran Alien Museum oiranalienmuseum
Old Highland Borg oldhighlandborg
Old Net BBS oldnet
Old School BBS oldschool
Old Time BBS oldtime
Old Time's Sake BBS oldtimessake
OldComp.eu BBS oldcomp.eu
Onix BBS onix
Online BBS online
Online World BBS onlineworld
Onyx BBS onyx
Operation Ivy BBS operationivy
Optical Illusion BBS opticalillusion
OPTO 22 BBS opto22
Orbit BBS orbit
Orchestra BBS orchestra
Outer Limits BBS outerlimits
Outpost 9 outpost9
Outta Control Hackers TWGS outtacontrolhackerstwgs
Outta Control MajorBBS outtacontrolmajor
Outwest BBS outwest
Paladium BBS paladium
Palantir BBS palantir
PapiChulo's MajorBBS papichulosmajor
Paradox BBS (1) paradox1
Paranoid BBS paranoid
Parity Error BBS parityerror
Part-Time BBS parttime
Particles! BBS particles!
Penalty Box BBS penaltybox
Penguin BBS penguin
People for People peopleforpeople
Pepzi BBS pepzi
Performance Leasing Systems performanceleasingsystems
Personal Home Cloud personalhomecloud
Pesto BBS pesto
Phantasm phantasm
Pharcyde BBS pharcyde
Phatstar Teleporter phatstarteleporter
Phoenix BBS phoenix
Phospher BBS phospher
PhreakNet phreaknet
Phrenetic BBS phrenetic
Physics Online Gaming Server (POGS) physicsonlinegamingserverpogs
Pie33 pie33
Pipeline BBS pipeline
Piranha BBS piranha
Planet Afr0 planetafr0
Planet Caravan BBS planetcaravan
Planet EVO BBS planetevo
Plasma Sphere BBS plasmasphere
Play LORD playlord
Poast BBS poast
Poignant Beacon (Pharos BBS) poignantbeaconpharos
Port of Call BBS (Image) portofcallimage
Port of Call BBS (Renegade) portofcallrenegade
Port of Call BBS (Synchronet) portofcallsynchronet
Possum Lodge South BBS possumlodgesouth
Power BBS power
Power Core powercore
PowerLink BBS powerlink
Prism BBS prism
Prison Board (BBBS) prisonboardb
Prison Board (Game Lounge) prisonboardgamelounge
Prison Board (Menu) prisonboardmenu
Prison Board (Mystic) prisonboardmystic
Prison Board (ProBoard) prisonboardproboard
Prison Board (Renegade) prisonboardrenegade
Prison Board (Synchronet) prisonboardsynchronet
Prison Board (VADV) prisonboardvadv
Prison Board (Wildcat #2) prisonboardwildcat#2
Prison Board (Wildcat) prisonboardwildcat
Pro-Kegs prokegs
Public Electronic Networked Information System publicelectronicnetworkedinformationsystem
Puppy BBS puppy
QL Dump qldump
Quantum Wormhole quantumwormhole
Quazar BBS Door Game Server quazardoorgameserver
Quest for Zen questforzen
Quest TWGS questtwgs
Radio Freqs and Geeks BBS radiofreqsandgeeks
RapidFire rapidfire
RaspiBBS raspi
Rats Den BBS ratsden
Raven of the Storm ravenofthestorm
Raveolution raveolution
Rayzer's BBS rayzers
RBB Systems Int'l rbbsystemsintl
RC-BOX rcbox
React react
Realitycheck BBS realitycheck
Realm of Darkness realmofdarkness
Realm of Serion realmofserion
Realm Of Shadow realmofshadow
Realm of the Wizard's Lair realmofthewizardslair
RedFrog BBS redfrog
Reflections BBS reflections
Reign of Fire reignoffire
Reign of Fire II reignoffireii
Reign of Fire III reignoffireiii
Reisub BBS reisub
Reticulum Ace reticulumace
Retro 32 BBS retro32
Retro Archive retroarchive
Retro BBS Games retrogames
Retro Running retrorunning
Retro Unboxers retrounboxers
Retroaktiv BBS retroaktiv
Retrocampus BBS retrocampus
Retrocate BBS retrocate
Retroconnect.org retroconnect.org
RetroDigital BBS retrodigital
Retrofun BBS Box retrofunbox
Retrograde BBS retrograde
Retroshack retroshack
Reverse Polarity reversepolarity
Revolver Ocelot's BBS revolverocelots
RightBrain Networks TWGS rightbrainnetworkstwgs
River Styx BBS riverstyx
RMAC Diversi-Dial Station #34 rmacdiversidialstation#34
Rock BBS III rockiii
Rocket BBS rocket
Rockville Tavern rockvilletavern
Roughneck BBS roughneck
Rusty Mailbox rustymailbox
SA Vintage Computer Community BBS savintagecomputercommunity
Samsepiol's BBS samsepiols
Sanctuary BBS sanctuary
Sanctum II BBS (1) sanctumii1
Sanctum II BBS (2) sanctumii2
Sands of Time sandsoftime
Sanitarium BBS sanitarium
Santronics Software santronicssoftware
Satellite 4 satellite4
Saturn 5 BBS saturn5
SBB Systems sbbsystems
Scene List (1) scenelist1
Scene List (2) scenelist2
Scent BBS scent
Scooby's Doo BBS scoobysdoo
Scratched Reality scratchedreality
SD2IEC Test BBS sd2iectest
SDF-1 BBS sdf1
Sea Breeze Gaming Network (TWGS) seabreezegamingnetworktwgs
Sea Breeze Gaming Network (Worldgroup) seabreezegamingnetworkworldgroup
Seattle BBS (Chinese) seattlechinese
Second Coming BBS secondcoming
Shadow BBS (1) shadow1
ShadoWorks BBS shadoworks
Shadowscope shadowscope
Shanty Town shantytown
Shenk's Express shenksexpress
Shipwrecks & Shibboleths shipwrecks&shibboleths
Shurato's Heavenly Sphere shuratosheavenlysphere
Silent Chat BBS silentchat
Silfen Path BBS silfenpath
SiliconGraphics BBS silicongraphics
Silo 9 BBS silo9
SilverHawk BBS silverhawk
Silvermere silvermere
Sinclair Retro BBS sinclairretro
Sinner's Heaven sinnersheaven
SirRandall BBS sirrandall
Skynet BBS skynet
Skynet Gaming skynetgaming
Skynet TSS skynettss
Slackers BBS slackers
Slime City BBS slimecity
Slinky's Place slinkysplace
SlipStream BBS slipstream
Smallbug BBS smallbug
Smashbot smashbot
Smuggler's Cove BBS smugglerscove
Soft Solutions softsolutions
Solarflow BBS solarflow
Sonic BBS sonic
Sorcerors Isle sorcerorsisle
Sotano MSX BBS sotanomsx
South Central southcentral
SouthEast Star southeaststar
Southern Amis southernamis
Space Odyssey spaceodyssey
Space Quest 2112 Game Server spacequest2112gameserver
Spades BBS spades
Spark Beer's BBS sparkbeers
Splatter Haus splatterhaus
Spot BBS spot
Sprawl BBS sprawl
Squared Circle BBS squaredcircle
Star BBS star
Star Collision BBS starcollision
Star Fleet HQ starfleethq
Star Flight BBS starflight
Star Killer TWGS starkillertwgs
Starbase 21 starbase21
StarDoc 134 stardoc134
StarPort BBS starport
Starship Junkyard starshipjunkyard
Storm BBS storm
Storm Mountain BBS (TWGS) stormmountaintwgs
Strange Planet BBS strangeplanet
Strategic Telecommunication Systems strategictelecommunicationsystems
Strip It To Ride stripittoride
Subcarrier BBS subcarrier
Sunflower BBS sunflower
Sunflower Region 14 BBS sunflowerregion14
Super Dimension Fortress (SDF-1) superdimensionfortresssdf1
SuperVisor's BBS supervisors
Sursum Corda! BBS sursumcorda!
Swap BBS swap
Swedish User Group Of Amiga swedishusergroupofamiga
SwissIRC BBS swissirc
Swords of Chaos Forever swordsofchaosforever
Synchronix synchronix
Sysop Solaris Dot Com sysopsolarisdotcom
System One BBS systemone
T0kerz Hut t0kerzhut
Taco Pronto tacopronto
Taiwan Kicks In Large Numbers (PTT #1) taiwankicksinlargenumbersptt#1
Taliadon BBS taliadon
Taohuatan taohuatan
Tassie Bob BBS tassiebob
TCOB1 tcob1
Technoanarchy technoanarchy
Techrono BBS techrono
Techware techware
TeenyChat teenychat
Telehack telehack
Tempest Fury BBS tempestfury
Terminal Obsession terminalobsession
Terminus Station terminusstation
Terran Empire terranempire
The BBS the
Thrace BBS thrace
Three Blind Mice threeblindmice
Throwback BBS throwback
Thunder BBS thunder
Thunderbolt BBS thunderbolt
Tigernet BBS tigernet
Time Warp of Future timewarpoffuture
Timelord BBS timelord
Tiny's BBS tinys
Titantic BBS Telnet titantictelnet
Tomato Place tomatoplace
Tommy's Holiday Camp tommysholidaycamp
Tool Shed BBS toolshed
Total Lost BBS totallost
Toxic Laboratory toxiclaboratory
TQPS tqps
Trading Post South tradingpostsouth
Transfer Interrupted BBS transferinterrupted
TrapDoor BBS trapdoor
Trashcan BBS trashcan
Triangles Mafia BBS trianglesmafia
Truck Stop BBS truckstop
Truth University Crisp Flute truthuniversitycrispflute
Tsinghua Univ. (Fengqiao Stn.) tsinghuauniv.fengqiaostn.
Tsinghua Univ. (Tingtao Stn.) tsinghuauniv.tingtaostn.
Tsinghua University Zixia BBS tsinghuauniversityzixia
Tville Underground tvilleunderground
TVRi BBS tvri
TW Lounge BBS twlounge
Twaffo's Garbage BBS twaffosgarbage
Twin Pines BBS twinpines
Twisted Terminal twistedterminal
Twixed BBS twixed
Two Girl BBS twogirl
UAT_SOC uat_soc
Ultima.Games TWGS ultima.gamestwgs
Ultramax BBS System ultramaxsystem
Uncensored! uncensored!
Undercurrents BBS undercurrents
Underground BBS (1) underground1
Undermine BBS undermine
Unicyber BBS unicyber
Universal Joint BBS universaljoint
Universe BBS universe
Unknown BBS unknown
Unknown Realm unknownrealm
Unleashed BBS unleashed
UserClub BBS userclub
USS Excelsior BBS ussexcelsior
Uzi Suicide uzisuicide
Vague BBS vague
Valley BBS (1) valley1
Valley BBS (2) valley2
Vattuserver BBS vattuserver
Vault BBS vault
Vengeance BBS vengeance
Vern BBS vern
Vertrauen vertrauen
ViennaMatrix viennamatrix
Violeti BBS violeti
Viper BBS viper
Viper TWGS vipertwgs
Viper's Pit TWGS viperspittwgs
Vision BBS vision
Vortex BBS (1) vortex1
Vortex BBS (2) vortex2
w0pr.win w0pr.win
W4BFB w4bfb
W8KDG BBS w8kdg
Waifu BBS waifu
WalledCTTY BBS walledctty
WAPNET wapnet
War Ensemble BBS warensemble
Warehouse BBS warehouse
Warlock's Castle warlockscastle
Warlock's Tower TWGS warlockstowertwgs
Wastelands BBS wastelands
Wastelands BBS II wastelandsii
Weather Station BBS weatherstation
Weed Net weednet
Wehack.net wehack.net
Westland BBS westland
Westwood BBS westwood
Whisky Lover's Amateur Radio BBS whiskyloversamateurradio
Who Dares Wins Amiga BBS whodareswinsamiga
Wildcat's Castle BBS wildcatscastle
Willamette Apple Connection (WAC) BBS willametteappleconnectionwac
Wim888 wim888
Windy City Study House windycitystudyhouse
Wintermute BBS wintermute
Wizard's Castle wizardscastle
Wizard's Rainbow wizardsrainbow
Worldgroup Demo Site worldgroupdemosite
Worlds Apart (TWGS) worldsaparttwgs
Wreck Hall wreckhall
Wretched Beagle BBS wretchedbeagle
Wrong Number ][ BBS wrongnumber
Wrong Number ][ V1.2b wrongnumberv1.2b
Wrong Number ][ V2.0 wrongnumberv2.0
Wrong Number ]I[ BBS wrongnumberi
Wrong Number IV BBS wrongnumberiv
Wu Ling BBS wuling
Wyesoft TWGS wyesofttwgs
Wyse Guy BBS wyseguy
X-Bit BBS xbit
X/84 BBS x/84
Xibalba xibalba
Xionum BBS xionum
Xserv xserv
Xylinvale BBS xylinvale
Yard BBS yard
Zandura BBS zandura
Zeal BBS zeal
Zelch BBS zelch
Zenas Prime zenasprime
Zenolab zenolab
Zone BBS zone
Zot TWGS zottwgs
Zruspa's BBS zruspas